Custom silkscreen printing is our bread and butter. Here's some more information on what we do and how we do it!

Flat Stock (Posters, Cards, Invitations, Art Prints)

We print gig posters, fine art prints, wedding invitations, download cards, book covers, zines, CD and vinyl jackets, business cards, artist books, and other flat things with our non-toxic, archival quality, water-based inks.

Our water-resistant Kraft paper gig posters, suitable for prolonged outdoor use, are available in black, yellow, and red paper, and are our most popular flat stock item. Our posters have lasted outside through entire St. John's winters, November to April, without any noticeable ink fading (seriously). Packages start at $100 for 100 9x12", 50 12x18", or 25 18x24" posters.

For those who don't want their prints exposed to the elements, we offer Cougar Natural/White paper in several different weights, as well as several brands of cotton rag, including Stonehenge, Canson Edition, and BFK Rives.

We can match any Pantone uncoated colour, as we mix all our inks from scratch. Clear and matte bases are available, so blending colours with overprinting is no sweat. We're also able to print metallic inks and split fountains, as well as fine (max 61 lpi) halftone gradients.

Our base sheet sizes are 18x24" for Kraft paper, 20x26" for all weights of Cougar, and 22x30" for most cotton papers. To minimize wastage, you may wish to let your final print size be determined by the base sheet size of the paper you're using; don't forget that we need room for trim and reg marks!

Textiles (Tees, Hoodies, Tote Bags)

The humble t-shirt is the core of our textile business, and our go-to brand is Anvil. Their ring-spun cotton tees are a joy to print on and very comfortable, with a nice fit. 

We also regularly source clothing from Gildan, American Apparel, and Jerico, the latter of which is 100% Canadian made.

Our main press can handle up to six screens at a time, which gives you near-limitless options for how you'd like your products to look. We can match any Pantone Coated colour, and we make sure our mesh is always fresh and our squeegees are always sharp, so your prints look as amazing as possible.

Digital Printing

We occasionally offer digital printing services, usually for jobs that also involve silkscreened work. A great example would be a digital-print book, comic, zine, journal, or chappie with a silkscreened cover. We generally do not offer vanilla printing services, but if your project is unusual, interesting, fun, or involves some form of assembly, we may be able to assist you.

Art prints on several types of dead-tree and cotton paper up to 12x18" in size are available upon request.

We also offer full-colour digital prints on blank CDs, and have occasionally been cajoled into printing inserts and providing CD jewel cases while we're at it. Low-quantity (25-250) orders are welcome.


A couple of times a year, we find ourselves in the position where we publish things under our own banner. Some of these are of our own creation, but most of our publications are done in collaboration with artists from St. John's and beyond. We publish text, images, and cathartic hybrids of the two, so if you've got something amazing that you think we might like, let us know!

We also offer self-publishing services for zines, chappies, journals, comics, quarterlies, and most other types of bookish things. All of our binding is done by hand, using a variety of methods including stapling, gluing, and sewing. Our glues are acid-free and archival quality, and our guillotine and plough cutters create laser-perfect edges.

Everything Else

We love custom projects and we're constantly surprising ourselves with the crazy things we're able to pull off. Need something printed that nobody else seems to be able to help you with? Give us a shout!