Pink Eye is a silkscreening, publishing, and design studio.

Pink Eye started in early 2011, after two friends had a chat over some beers in Cartagena, Colombia. Upon returning home, the friends bought a cheap, plastic, hobby-level screenprinting machine, some t-shirts and inks, and started printing.

Today, Pink Eye designs and prints high-quality posters, books, zines, art prints, tees and hoodies, dresses, download cards, record jackets, and anything else we can get our hands on, using a combination of professional-quality inks and equipment and made-right-here DIY-style equipment.

We’re always looking for new ideas and techniques, and we love collaborating on fun projects! You can see more and more of our products floating around St. John's and the rest of Canada with each passing week.

Got something you want printed? Get in touch!